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Educational Workshops

Quartetoukan’s educational work propelled from the members’ long process of learning out, and of their curiosity and influences from home. The group is made of four artists, experts in their fields, representing different musical backgrounds. The group’s members are delighted to share their expertise in masterclasses and workshops addressed to music students and to all students.

Each workshop is about 45 to 60 minutes.

Video from our project: "Music and Language as a Bridge Between Cultures" - encounters and workshops between Jewish and Arab students (Tel Aviv - I'blin).

Video from Workshops to music students of Metro West High School, Ra’anana

Video from Workshops to music students of Ironi Alef High School, Modi'in

 "Music and Language as a Bridge Between Cultures" - encounters and workshops between Jewish and Arab students (Taibe - Kfar Saba).

Bridge between cultures – Music as an Instrument 

Led by singer Miriam Toukan and multi-instrumentalist Idan Toledano. A masterclass of music and conversation, sharing Miriam and Idan’s ten-year road of collaborative career. Questions of artistic identity in a multi-cultural society are discussed with the students. Miriam – from her first steps as a singer in her village’s church Choir to the Israeli “American Idol” reality show, and Idan – from his Flamenco studies in Spain to his current activity in music education in Hebrew and Arabic. For music students – Flamenco workshops (rhythm, and playing techniques for guitarists), Maqam and improvisation in Arabic music.    

A Rainbow of Feelings -
a Klezmer workshop

Led by Dr. Racheli Galay, an interactive workshop about feelings and the way they are expressed in life, in music and through her cello playing. Participants listen to a range of feelings resonating  through the cello sounds, interpreted by themselves and by other participants. For music students – Klezmer and Jewish music workshops – learning new rhythms. New tunes and the Klezmer cultural background.

!Dum tak tak Body-percussion Workshop

Led by Noa Vax, this workshop presents percussion instruments from around the world, focusing on exciting Mediterranean and Indian rhythms. The workshop combines explanations and demonstrations on different instruments: frame drums, Darbuka, Udu, Tampoura, Kachon, Castagnietas and more. Different playing techniques, body-percussion techniques, and Konokolos Indian singing techniques are demonstrated and experienced by participants, illuminating different aspects of the percussionist role in various ethnic groups.

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