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The Ensemble

Quartetoukan takes the audience on an unforgettable multicultural journey. Ranging from moving songs to exultant dance tunes, the audience is drawn into a mesmerizing experience. The unique sound of virtuosic guitar, oud, klezmer cello and ethnic percussion, led by classical Arab singer Miriam Toukan, transmits a message of harmony and peace. Songs in Arabic, Hebrew, English and Yiddish are mixed with flamenco, klezmer and Indian influences. Active since 2012, the group released two albums, performed in Tres Culturas Festival Spain 2019, Germany Tour 2019, Achva Festival for Jewish Music Erfurt 2018, Armenia On the Crossroad of Peace 2017, Amsterdam Festival for Jewish Music 2014, International Oud Festival Israel 2013 and on radio and TV broadcasts.

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